• Divine Intervention for divine inspiration by dedicated individuals.
  • Empower and uplift people, Empower and uplift communities by creating a dignified and unified nation.
  • Divine Intervention for divine inspiration by dedicated individuals.

Our Aim & MIssion

Our Values

  • Our aim is to build optimal support among South Africans, for the objectives of the Dl so that individuals, groups, and political parties can work together to bring to power a government which is acutely responsive to the needs of all our people.
  • The Dl will try to reach consensus with opposition parties with regard to our aims and objectives so that  there is an appreciation among them that we are not seeking to fish in their respective ponds but rather to focus on the millions who do not currently vote and who could therefore swing the pendulum in their direction,  It is important to stress that the Dl will function parallel to and in co-operation with the Opposition "Multi Party Forum" working together as a broad collective, that will enable our people to take their destiny into their own hands.
  •  While the Dl is unashamedly active in the political arena, it is still in its infancy, but has the will power to become a great political party that has community issues at hand. As such, it is a motive force supportive of political parties and groups wanting to see greater unity for positive results.

The Democratic Independent Party:

  • Is proud of our hard-won, democratic and constitutional rights, optimistic about the future of the country and confident in the ability of South Africans to reclaim the achievements of 1994 and beyond, and build further on these achievements.
  • Stands in solidarity with the people of South Africa (especially those who are poor and marginalized), and promote a government that is respected around the world.