• Empower and uplift people, Empower and uplift communities by creating a dignified and unified nation.
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DI Background

The Democratic Independent Party (herein referred to as the Dl) was established December 2015 when the President (DI) realized that a need exists for the creation of a party that has the interest of South Africans at heart and that may be able to mobilise communities to pressurize government to deliver on its constitutional obligations. The Democratic Independent Party (Dl) recognised that South Africa is in a crisis, as the conditions under which we are living and suffering has reached dire levels of social ills affecting basic human rights which are not being upheld. The President of the Dl therefore established this new, unified, non-racial, multi-sectorial party, to be known as the Democratic Independent Party (Dl), in order to find solutions for the many challenges facing South Africa and co-operate with all role players, to bring about change.

Whilst respecting the autonomy and the individual identities of all role players, and whilst guaranteeing their right to differ on some of the issues, the Dl seeks the co-operation of all like-minded organizations, political parties, individuals and community based organizations in order for the three spheres of government (National, Provincial and Municipal) to fulfil its constitutional obligations. This co-operation will be based on the principles of co-operative partnership as set out hereunder, but more specifically in our vision and mission statement. Currently, the government’s monopoly on power leads to corruption, abuse of power, a continuous failure of delivery, monumental wastage of resources, and consequently a rise in direct and indirect taxes. Monopoly on power also undermines social cohesion and provokes protest action, violence and revolutionary tendencies. People are discouraged, society is destabilized and the economy falters.

It is argued that when a large percentage of like-minded people participate, a wide divide is being bridged, a congruence of aims and goals can be achieved and this will help to turn deep despair into realistic hope.

The Dl offers therefore a dynamic and innovative approach in South African politics through the creation of a party where individuals can become part of this new organisation, participate in governance and still carry out their independent stance on issues.

All that South Africa needs to end the current monopoly of power is to join forces and become members of the DI, in order to collectively bring about change. It is important to remember that there are 13 million South Africans, of which you are one, and who is eligible to vote, but for one reason or another, does not do so. Resulting that the current governance structure remains in place.

The Dl will help to unite our nation and our hopes. We are working for the greater good and the greater prosperity of South Africa.

There is a need for change and the Dl is poised to lead this initiative and intend to provide a platform to South Arican citizens, empowering them to act collectively, strategically and meaningfully. The DI hereby adopts this Constitution to govern and guide this new political movement for the betterment of all South African citizens.